API Management

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API Manager is a software (or hardware) security and services optimization and enhancement solution.With enterprise mobility exponentially increasing with each passing year, API Manager (also known as Layer 7) addresses the most pressing concerns all-sized enterprises face, regardless of their main industry of business.

Key Benefits

1. Design and deploy SOAP, REST or legacy webservices through the use of a visual interface.

2. Creates an “application transaction highway” which can serve thousands of web service calls every second, granting all necessary data for an application to operate in real time.

3. Direct scalability with no downtime and native clustering.

4. Integrability with web access and identity management solutions, creating a security entrenchment that can cover all transaction from OSI layer 3 to OSI Layer 7.

Key Features

1. It can be deployed as a hardware appliance or on a virtual machine.

2. Once configured requires little to no maintenance.

3. Event driven APIs – support for all mobile platforms.

4. Enhanced and centralized policy management

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