Identity management

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Delivers a unified approach for managing users’ identities throughout their entire lifecycle and providing them with timely, appropriate access to applications and data. Wide range of features are available for managing identities and access rights, and meeting identity compliance requirements. Identity Management solutions help streamline the on-boarding and off-boarding of users, enable the business to manage access requests and automates identity compliance processes. can be used to organize identity inform tion within the context of an organization’s unique business roles and processes.

Key Benefits

1. Prevent non-compliant provisioning activities.

2. Eliminate guesswork when providing access to users based on their roles.

3. Enable user-based access requests and approvals without involving the help desk.

4. Provide employees, contractors, and partners with access to the applications they need on the day they start, and easily remove when they end.

Key Features

1. User provisioning and de-provisioning. Automate account provisioning, removal, and approval processes throughout the user’s entire lifecycle with customizable workflows.

2. User self-service. Enable users to manage attributes of their own identities, reset passwords and request access to resources, easing the IT and help desk burden.

3. Securing on premise and cloud applications. Provide centralized control of identities, users, roles and policies across on-premises and cloud applications.

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