Web Access Management

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WAM systems are the key to enabling business over the Web while limiting your security risk. A WAM system protects and controls access to your Web applications, records user and administrator activities, and is responsible for creating a seamless single sign-on experience for any user including employees, partners, and customers.

Key Benefits

1. Facilitates business growth, innovation and collaboration. Helps you efficiently deploy and provide secure access control to applications.

2. Improves user experience and productivity. Allows users to sign on once, providing them a secure and unified online experience.

3. Drives operational excellence. Delivers consistent, centralized security management supporting multiple access methods and heterogeneous applications.

Key Features

1. Support for open standards. Facilitates access to cloud, partner or internal applications via long-standing support for today’s open standards.

2. Social media login convenience. Helps application providers improve the end user experience by allowing visitors to use their social media identities to login.

3. Policy-based authorization. Allows the creation of rules which allow or deny access to resources based on numerous variables.

4. Centralized session management. Provides the critical security capability to securely manage a user’s online session.

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