Privileged Access Management

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Privileged Access Manager is designed to prevent security breaches by protecting sensitive administrative credentials, controlling privileged user access, proactively enforcing security policies, and monitoring and recording privileged user activity across virtual, cloud, and physical environments.


The solutions can provide a privileged credential vault, session recording, threat analytics, hostbased access control for mission critical servers, and application-to-application password management to address non-human actors, such as applications, configuration files, and scripts.

Key Benefits

1. Control privileged access across all IT resources, from cloud to mainframe.


2. Apply unified cross-platform protection and management of privileged account credentials.


3. Automatically discover and protect virtual and cloud-based resources.


4. Provide tamper-proof audit data and forensic evidence for all privileged user activity.


5. Segregate duties of superusers through fine-grained access control and secure task delegation.


6. Eliminate hard-coded passwords from apps, scripts, and files.


7. Support DevOps toolchains.

Key Features

1. A privileged credential vault with a zero-trust access model.


2. Threat analytics with machine learning and automated mitigations.


3. Host-based access control to protect mission-critical servers and containers.


4. Application-to-application password management with flexible options.


5. Audit data and forensic evidence to support compliance and investigations.



Design, Production, Installation and Maintenance of Software Products [Reference Sectors: EA 33, EA 35]


In particular, all Managed Security Services MSS is provided by the Partner Control Room / SOC, a unique contact center designed and certified to deliver security services to the Shared Service Centers model that complies with the major ISO standards and under the best practices ITIL, COBIT and NIST.


The main services offered by the SOC/Control Room fall into the following categories:

1. Service Desk and Service Request Management.

2. IT Service and Operation Management.

3. Remote Management and Support for Application Security Platforms (IAM / SIEM) and Infrastructure Clients.

4. SOC/CSIRT services.


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