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Cyber attacks have crossed the digital world to have a direct impact on the physical world. In the last 2 years we have observed an increase of more than 28% in attacks directed at companies with industrial processes. The digital transformation supposes important advances in the processes at the same time that implies new risks and threats. Cyber attacks aimed at system of supervision and process control in OT networks, today constitute a real threat to some companies susch as nuclear power plants, car factories, food manufacturing, chemical laboratories, oil and gas wells and others. More and more organizations are focusing their risk analysis considering cybersecurity threats on these networks and systems, since in case of intrusion, attack or exposure, the damages are not only monetary or reputational, but also physical and with environmental impact. Metodology and project approach:

As-Is situation is obtained through guided questionaries and technical sessions that allows us to obtain a “CyberSecurity footprint” of specific organization.

If required, our team conducts testing activities in order to obtain proper evidence of control design and operation compliance

We identify the gap between As-Is and To-Be situation considering not only state-of-theart CyberSecurity controls, but also the company’s own desired target.

In addition to tailor-made reports delivered, we also provide a suggested alignment approach to help your team prioritize remediation or improvements.

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